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Top Trends of 2021 Essential for Data Science Skills Study- Data Science Classes in Thane

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Top Trends of 2021 Essential for Data Science Skills Study

2021 Essential for Data Science Skills

The field of Data Science has been transformed by leaps and bound. In order to stay ahead in the league, Data Science professionals need to be aware about the latest developments and trends in the field. The most basic solution for which is enrolling yourself in Data Science classes in Thane or any other part you belong. Topmost classes usually have expert Data Science professionals on board, who give you the kind of knowledge you need and also help you develop your skillset which in turn enables you to stay ahead in the game. 

However, keeping tab on all the new changes and advances can be quite a task. Therefore, here’s a list containing top Data Science trends of 2021

Top Trends of Data Science in the Year 2021

After a thorough study and research, we have accumulated a few significant points highlighting most popular Data Science methods, tools, languages and much more. This will eventually update you about the latest trends and skills you must inhibit to cut through the competition. So, let’s have a look at the list of what all you should know:

  1. Data Science Tools in Demand: There are custom made tools which are prominently used for a specific reason. But, the usage of such tools is very limited. On the other hand, open source tools are widely preferred by data scientists. There are various software development courses in Mumbai which will give you further clarity on this. 
  1. Data Science Languages in Demand: SQL, SAS and R were most used languages a few years back. But, in recent times, Python has become the most used language. As per the stats, about 68% data scientists prefer Python over any other language. There are a few institutes which offer Python training in Mumbai with placement. You can also get R programming training in Mumbai
  2. Data Science Methods in Demand: Logistic Regression is the most popular method in data science, followed by Decision Trees and Neural Network.
  1. Data Science Learning Resources in Demand: YouTube was, is and will always remain data scientists resort for learning new techniques. The most recent and advanced learning resource is MOOCs. While some still prefer the old school method of learning from the books. 
  2. Python 3 :  If you are doing data Science then Python is going to be the most valuable programming language to learn in Data Science . Learn Python Classes in Thane.  Data Science Python General Purpose Library in Demand, Pandas is the topmost Python general purpose library preferred by the data scientists. Whereas NumPy, Matplotlib, SciPy, Seaborn, TensorFlow, and Scikit-learn are other popular names in the list. 
  1. Data Science Cloud Providers in Demand: Amazon web services tops the list of top data science cloud providers. Whereas, Google cloud and Microsoft Azure secure the second and third spot respectively. 
  2. Data Science Visualisation Tools in Demand: Tableau has been the most widely used visualization/ data tool. Microsoft Power BI, IBM Watson Analytics, and SAP Analytics Cloud are other tools in demand by data scientists. 
  3. Data Science OS in Demand: Windows OS is the most compatible data science operating system. On the other hand Lenux is the most secured one. 

This trend is likely to continue into 2021 and as a data scientist (Data Science) it is important to gain at least a basic understanding of how to interact with this  data. 
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