Who We Are

iDeators™ is India’s leading Online Technology Training Platform. The company is headed by a bunch of skilled professionals. The people we have onboard come with years of industry experience and distinguished skill set. We provide training to students regarding Python, Data Science, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Angular, ReactJS, React Native, Nodejs, Dot Net, MEAN, Full Stack & Digital Marketing courses. The approach we follow in our training institute sets us apart from the league.

What Makes Us Different

We provide direction to Web and Software technology aspirants for a program with classroom study led by an instructor and heavily based on practical knowledge. We enable freshers and working professionals to successfully build careers in the respective field of technology data science. With us, for Data Science you get hands-on REAL Data Set and Problem statements developed by industry professionals. A similar approach is for other software development technologies.

We have observed, there is a huge gap between what students want and what they end up with. That’s when we come into the picture and enable the students to gain the actual knowledge of data science, and of course, get the certification for the same. Unlike the recent trend, we don’t sell certification but impart knowledge.

We help them with the practical knowledge to run a project successfully, of course alongside the theoretical guidance. We don’t believe in giving bookish knowledge, instead we help them with industry knowledge. We also assist them to clear project life cycle concepts. Along with the technological aspect, we put a light on entire development principles. We firmly believe, ‘a true developer’s code should be maintainable, testable and readable’, we term it as ‘3 principles of true developer’.

Why Us

Quality-Based Structure

There are a lot of options including programs and courses which help you learn the different aspects of software and Web development Technology. While some of them are reasonable others cost more. But, the most important factor you must consider while choosing your way of learning should be the quality or in simpler terms the knowledge you get at the end of your course. We have a set of expert professionals who prepare you to cut through the competition and create a place with qualitative knowledge & learning.


Ahead of Time Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology at iDeators is much ahead of its time. Our teaching method is based on ‘what’ and ‘why’.We give more emphasis on the practical aspect of learning and not just the theory part of it. Along with the traditional assignments, we focus majorly on industry-relevant problem statements.95% practical and 5% theoretical is the method we follow throughout the sessions. For selected courses, you also get a screen recording and voice recording after the session is over. So, you can practice the same whenever you need.

Experienced Trainers

Ours is a quality-based ecosystem driven by mentors who possess in-depth industry knowledge and who have contributed with some extraordinary stuff. The mentor we have onboard are industry experts developers themselves. While typical trainers give you all kinds of bookish knowledge, developers actually give you the proper knowledge of developing projects.


Improved Skill Set

In the quest of scoring more marks, most of the students lack in the area of real industry tools and practices. We help you work on real tools and real-world problems during the program. In addition to this, we give you all kinds of opportunities in order to improve your skillset and make you industry ready so you get a job of your choice. In short, iDeators is an intuitively crafted eco-system which revolves around industry readiness and learning from a bunch of engineers.


Student Focused Approach

The trainers we hire help you with one on one teaching. We give personalized attention to every student. We resolve all your queries and help you with everything you need. Our trainers give you 100% so they expect 1000% in return.








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