By 2025, what will be the highest paying jobs in IT industry?

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Unlike olden days, graduating from a reputed engineering institute doesn’t guarantee a high paying job. The ever growing IT industry with opportunities in AI, VR and loT might vanish the traditional engineering jobs from the industry in the coming future. As per a report from IDC, a market intelligence firm, by 2017 more than five million jobs are expected to be added globally in IT industry. You can join a data science course with placement assistance in order to hone the skills required to succeed in today’s IT world. 

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Following are the highest paying jobs in IT industry:

When you join a top data science training institute in Thane or any other locality you belong, a lot of opportunities open up for you automatically. Some of the best opportunities with the highest paying jobs are as follows:

  • Machine Learning Engineer: Machine learning engineers develop AI machines and systems. They are advanced programmers with skills including knowledge of statistics, data modelling, probability and application of algorithms and ML libraries.
  • Cloud Engineer: Cloud Engineers develop solutions that are blend of both, outside systems and in-house technology. 
  • Data Engineer: Data engineers help to find out solutions on problems relating to unstructured data sets, database integration etc. They normally work alongside data architects and data scientists. 
  • Computer Vision Engineer: Computer Vision Engineers have a major role to play in AR and VR. They build and enhance the computer vision along with machine learning algorithms & analytics. 
  • Web and Mobile Applications Developer: Web and mobile application developers get many opportunities due to rise of brands and services moving online and on mobile platforms to increase their business profitability. The demand for these roles will only increase in near future due to the immense growth of new businesses being introduced. The drive to stay ahead in the race also contributes to more and more businesses and brands wanting to turn on web and mobile. 
  • Video Game Designer: Gaming industry has witnessed exponential growth over the last few years. Game designers apply their mobile development expertise in order to transform the overall gaming experience.  Get data science course with placement assistance.

All the above mentioned profiles require you to develop a suitable skillset, find the right job and keep working on improving the skillset you already possess in order to create a space for yourself in this world of information technology.

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