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Best Data Science Course in Pune

Top 1: Data Science Training in Pune

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra. Pune, formerly known as Poona  Apart from its rich cultural heritage, it is also known for being the second major ‘IT hub of India’ and also the “automobile and manufacturing hub of India”. The city is also considered as the educational hub with more than half of international students studying there. Students and professionals from India and all across the globe from Research Institutes of Information Technology, Management, Education and Training choose Pune to pursue their dreams. The city is all about dreams, so if you want to make it big in the field of Data Science, then Pune is definitely the city of your dreams.

Data Science Course in Pune
Data Science Training in Pune

Data Science Training in Pune

Why Data Science Training in Pune is a Good Idea?

The demand for Data Science professionals is always high due to the value they add in the development of any organization. Especially, in the city of Pune which offers a plethora of growth opportunities. A successful career in the field of Data Science is guaranteed in Pune, whether you are in search of an opportunity which gives work satisfaction or looking for an exciting job that offers growth. But, first
you need to find an esteemed institute offering Data Science Course in Pune. Data Scientists not only get exciting positions in different sectors, but also get excellent salary packages. The more years you spend in the industry, the better packages you get. Your packages depend upon the skillset you acquire over the years and the value you add by contributing to the field.  

Data Science is surely an alluring career for young aspirants who want to pursue career in the field. Data Science Training in Pune is undoubtedly a great idea for the young professionals with big dreams and aspirations.

Salary Packages for Data Science Professionals

Generally, your salary package is greatly proportionate to your experience. But, still even a fresher in the field of Data Science, earns more than a professional in any other field. Following is an estimated salary range a Data Scientist:

On an average a Data Scientists normally earns between INR 6,00,000-6,50,000 

Fresher in the field somewhere around INR 5, 70, 000 per year.

After completing more than 5 years in the industry earns INR 7,85,778 per year

When you finally earn a stature where you have gained expertise in the field, then you end up getting salary package of INR 18, 15,419 each year.

When the number of years increase beyond this point and you become a credible name in the field, you get a package of around INR 28, 00,000 per year.

The more number of years you spend in the industry, you get more knowledge of how the industry works, what provides value, what you need to be better in the industry and all this understanding and efforts you take directly reflect on your salary.

Why a Certified Data Science Course in Pune is Necessary?

Your journey in any field depends on the first steps you take. Similarly, in the field of Data Science, you have to take the decision and apply in a reputed industry to pursue Data Science Training in Pune. There are plenty of institutes in Pune which claim to provide proper training and career guidance, but only a few of them live up to the expectation and needs of ever developing world of Data Science. You need to make your research strong to find an institute which provides what it takes to be a successful Data Scientist. The world of Data Science is developing rapidly due to which one needs to be updated and that only happens when you have a strong knowledge base along with the keen interest to provide value to the field.




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