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Pursue MEAN Stack Web Developer Course in Mumbai at iDeators

MEAN Stack Development Course in Mumbai

Best Mean Stack Development Course in Mumbai: iDeators Software Training Institute

MEAN is a short for MongoDB, Express.js, Angularjs and Node.js. It’s a platform using which many applications can be made with minimal codes. For freshers it’s very convenient, as they can write codes by just using JavaScript. 

At iDeators, we have a team of highly skilled professionals who ensure you achieve proficiency in full MEAN stack development till the end of this course. We ensure you become expert in JavaScript technologies of the most preferred MEAN stack.

Upskills  your career as a web developer to the next level with this Full Stack Development  Course in Mumbai, where you’ll become an expert at the front and back-end JavaScript technologies of the most popular MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node. js) Full Stack Web Development.

Mean Stack Development Course in Mumbai

MEAN Stack Development Course in Mumbai

Why iDeators?

There are many institutes which offer distinct web development courses in Mumbai. But, at iDeators, we ensure you grow to the next level by helping you develop your skill-set. Also, we help you kick-start your career by providing job assistance. Following are a few more reasons which will make you understand why you’ve made the right decision by choosing us:

  • Get in-depth knowledge about the advanced versions of Node.js, Express js, Mongo DB, Angular 4.0

  • Learn to implement the technology in projects with the expert guidance of our trainers

  • Get instructor led brief sessions

  • Develop enterprise style applications by implementing advanced features

  • Achieve mastery with interactive hands-on training sessions

  • Top 1 MEAN Stack Development Course in Mumbai

What you’ll learn?

  • Develop and route the Single Page Applications 

  • Learn to code MEAN stack applications 

  • Develop and Query MongoDB Documents

  • Learn to develop AngularJS Reusable Services, Directives and Filters

  • Learn to write Express Back-End Web Services

  • Become an expert in Express Back-End Web Services

What’s the Criteria?

You need to have at least basic experience of developing web applications if you want to pursue this course.  Also, you need to be familiar with JavaScript, CSS & HTML. If you’re an IDE or Text Editor, then you’ll surely benefit from this course. iDeatgors is the Best Mean Stack Development Course in Mumbai. A web developer or an entrepreneur who wants to create and test their own applications using MEAN can also pursue this course at iDeators.

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