What is React JS and why should we use React JS?

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React JS is used to create user interfaces mainly for single page applications. It is an open-source JavaScript library primarily used to handle view layer for both, mobile and web applications. You can also create reusable UI components by using React JS.  Top 1 React JS Training in Mumbai

React JS Training in Mumbai

React JS was created by a software engineer named Jordan Walke. He used to work for Facebook. It was first deployed on the Facebook’s feed in the year 2011 and on Instagram in the year followed, i.e. 2012.

You can take React JS training in Mumbai in order to build large web applications with changeable data without even reloading the page. You can also use React JS with other frameworks like Angular JS and MVC. The primary motive of React is to be swift, scalable and simple. 

React JS Features:

Following are the features of React JS: 

  • React JS uses JLX which facilitates HTML quoting. These HTML tags are then used to render subcomponents effectively. However, it also allows to write in pure old JavaScript.
  • It facilitates a single way flow of data as per which immutable values are passed on to the components renderer in the form of properties in its HTML tags.  Components can’t directly modify properties, however it can surely ask for a call back which can facilitate modifications. 
  • React Native is a framework which builds mobile applications using only JavaScript. It is widely used to provide react architecture to native applications including IOS, UPD and Android. 
  • It enables you to create in-memory data structure cache. This not only helps to make the changes, but also updates the browser according.
    • iDeators is the one of the top 1 React JS Training Mumbai

React JS Benefits:

  • With the basic knowledge of CSS and HTML, you can easily learn React JS. Due to its component based approach, usage of plain JavaScript and well-defined cycle, it is very easy to use as well.
  • With React, you can imply a native approach, meaning extensive code reusability is supported. So, we can make IOS, Android and web applications at the same time.
  • React JS facilitates one way data binding by using an application called Flux. It allows flow of data through one single point (dispatcher) to components.
  • React JS applications are extremely easy to test. You can closely examine the output and triggered events and actions easily and efficiently. 

There are numerous React JS classes in Mumbai which you can join to learn and understand React JS and achieve expertise in the same.

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